June 12, 2024 Wednesday
June 12, 2024 Wednesday

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Affidavit / Declaration

I Solemnly take oaths/accepted and declared that

I will not abuse the position / identity card I have received. I understand that unilateral action will be taken immediately if found. As a member, I will work only in the Indian Constitution and legal field. I agree to the terms and conditions laid down by the association while being a member. I will obey the code of conduct of the organization in all means and times

I hereby solemnly affirm and declare that. The particulars mentioned by me here in above are true & correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing has been canceled or suppressed thereof. If anything found incorrect at any stage, my membership shall be terminated.

I will abide by the rules and regulations and Bye-Laws of the Association in force from time to time.

Contact Us Regarding Joining As Member - 9930992255 / 8976300945

  1. Members of RTI Human Rights Activist Association will be entirely responsible for the misuse of their Identity card.
  2. Any king of misbehaviour of misconduct may cause rejectionof membership of RTI Human Rights Activist Association.
  3. The member & offices of RTI Human Rights Activist Association are working voluntarily & no payment is given to them.
  4. The Identity card must be submitted to the Head Office after the expiry of the validity period.
  5. The case of change of address, the same should be informed to the Head Office.
  6. In case of loss of Identity Card, the same must be informed to the Head Office in writing along with the F.I.R. immediately.
  7. Strict action will be taken against the culprit who is found taking steps against the rule & regulation of Indian Constitution, Human Right’s Organisation & societies Act.
  8. For any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the Head Office.
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